No More T-Shirts! 

If you are looking for something different, thousands of race directors, runners, walkers, riders and sponsors have told us Aquavation custom water bottles are a super cool and unexpected way to carry an event with them long after. 

*just watch the videos above if you don't believe it*

In fact, we hear all the time athletes think the t-shirt pile in their drawer is getting out of hand.  You may have even noticed race directors are beginning to place collection bins for unwanted shirts at the event to donate them to charity.  Think about that for a minute.  Why would a race committee spend money on something people don't want? Contact our concierge by clicking the button below and find out how we can help you reduce costs, find willing sponsors and excite your participants.


Baby Steps?

Maybe you have a little trepidation about switching out when some of your athletes might still be t-shirt collectors?  We have several race directors who provide a pull-down menu during registration:

twin lights half marathon drop down screen shot.png

A Case Study: Emerald Isle Marathon

Emerald Isle Marathon Race Director sought out an Aquavation sponsor.  Carolinas Center for Surgery was hesitant to just donate money but the liked the idea of the personalized bottle gift--as it positioned their brand right square in front of the most elite of runners.  Talk about marketing value!  The Sports Medicine Doctors could chat directly with the athletes and the very act of gifting the bottles was a huge surprise and great brand experience for the runners.

In addition to the contribution the Aquavation sponsorship made on race day, runners continue to personalize and purchase bottles creating additional donations to the race charity.  Talk to us now. (no obnoxious sales tricks we promise we are low key and just want to help you.)